For your reference and inspiration, this is a list of what can be built on Bisbrick, and on which there are strong showcases.

Business logic automation

Bisbrick has a powerful rule engine that allows for complex WHAT IF ELSE rules. This allows for complex rules to be applied to data instantly, as a 'black box' to its users. Capturing data in a structured way allows for proper data usage and benchmarking.

Complex legal, product or licensing variables

Help internal users, consultants or (business) end users to find their way in complex topics with lots of (legal) rules and regulations.

Standardise and automate business flows

Arrange for standardisation of intakes, interviews, reports or assessments so you can benchmark results and bring insights to users or the business.

E-learning & knowledge 

By creating content within a structured framework, allowing for multi-layer tagging and dynamic page creation, data can be offered to profile, filter or user-status. Collaboration of data can be managed on several rights levels.

E-learning platform 

Set up Bisbrick as an e-learning platform with multiple levels, leaderboards, permissions,  gratifications, certifications and incentives. Publish rich content like video's and interactive tests.

The power of knowledge

Create an accessible and active user co-created knowledge platform with powerful search, look-a-like and case options. With API triggers to sales and project systems, allowing for knowledge to be proactively pushed to team members when starting a new project, quotation or proposal.

Call to actions & quick engagements

Tease and reward your audience with small but sparkling engagement formats.

Gamified tests and polls

Offer gamified quick tests or polls to tease and get insight in audience behaviour, preferences or status. Reward with small tailored insights as engagement dividend.

Online calculators

Help Bisbrick empower quick insights into product features, prices, quantities or consequences with an online calculator or simulator.

Team & business empowerment

Combine all the Bisbrick capabilities in a cross functional automation empowerment backend.

Sales intake empowerment

Help your sales by empowering them with sales configurators so they can instantly present a client with the suggested solution and go through upsell options and alternatives.

Golden record & push coaching

Ensure your business data is consolidated and normalized into golden client records, enabling your team to be accurate, up to date and ahead of the game. Build business rules that assist in pushing relevant internal knowledge at the right time.

Primary  process automation

Apart from its rule engine and publishing capability, Bisbrick has some strong use cases in driving business processes, like logistics and e-commerce.

Logistics & planning

Bisbrick facilitates catalogue and logistics features, allowing for online purchases, returns and re-use, share and 'cradle to cradle' process management and all logistics management, including allocation of freight, route and truck planning.


Bisbrick can be used as e-commerce solution, with a specific stronghold in catalogue management and supplier engagement. Managing multi layer access and co-creation of golden product records.