The Bisbrick platform offers quite a number of modules that can be activated according to the need of your project. Apart from the available modules and their functionalities, customization is possible too.

Database manager

Create and manage up to date golden records by capturing campaign data, import data-sets or exchange with your company CRM, ERP or any other system, or start using Bisbrick as your CRM. Create parent-daughter relations, if desired and create sub-campaigns.


Add powerful segmentation, grouping or benchmark options with the Bisbrick tag manager, adding unlimited tags and tag clouds.


Share an inbox with individual clients, send eDM's and shedueled mails to support your campaign progress.


Apart from scheduled mail (Comms module), set time triggers on forms questions, entire flows or entire journeys and attach follow up actions.


Create filters and reports inside Bisbrick or export total data sets to your preferred BI tooling.


Manage your digital assets in our Digital Asset Management module. Use your assets cross campaigns throughout the Bisbrick platform.

Form & Formflow designer

Create various types of forms and stitch them together in a formflow. Form data is immediately available for logic building in the Rule engine module.

Bench mark

Compare individual results to peers or best practice, either in back end or present it back to your visitors.

Customer journeys

Create various customer journeys with attach and detach points with the customer journey flow designer. Set triggers and exclude phases.


Create filters on data sets, create campaign groups, or export data to your BI tooling.

Im- Export

Import your data, but export portal content just as easy with the Bisbrick import/export module. Also allow visitors to upload and find all their files in their personal container.

GDPR & Security

Be assured of solid security to protect your data and portal. Sign your processing agreement with Bisbrick or host Bisbrick on own infra.

Rule engine

The Bisbrick rule engine allows for complex What If Else logic building in multiple layers. With direct access to all data points and with multiple calculation options, almost all logic is possible.


Based on data from traffic, forms and data-sets, run through the rule engine, immediate data driven advice, reports or suggestions can be provided to you customer.


Show online or offline events in a clear calendar and let people book their seat or access related materials.


Push your portal to as many countries as you wish. Easily translate your content in the back end.


Create your product catalogue and attach it to your e-commerce solution. Bisbrick can assist your solution with recurring payments and invoicing.


Determine multiple rights groups in back-end and configure front end access rights options. For back end users; set groups for coaches to manage and allow separate dashboards & task lists for their control.