The Bisbrick platform is a symbiosis of several types of platform concepts. It's a rule engine, with in-depth logic capability, but it's a marketing automation and content delivery platform as well. With supporting features like form building and Digital Asset Management, it's a strong engine both in back bone and front end.

Data Dividend

Customers are willing to engage with you if you can be relevant for them. This is possible by delivering them relevant insight, help and suggestions, as tailored as possible. Bisbrick helps you to deliver instant reward for sharing client data, by applying logic on the data you have, combined with the data shared and present product insights, calculations, suggestions and more. We call this data dividend.


The Bisbrick platform (PAAS) consists of five layers, with the client facing front end being the engagement layer with end users. Just under that surface is a login only layer in which contributors or moderators can be invited and some campaign management is possible. 

The true magic happens in the back end interface in which project managers and marketers can design their campaign, add content, create flows and forms and build their logic. The rule engine allows for complex WHAT IF ELSE logic on all data points. Also, the back end will provide access to data, filter options and statistics. Find more under 'Modules'.

Under that working layer is the technical code
layer, in which our programmers develop new features and ensure updates, stability and performance. Since the code layer too has a modular approach, we can customize to specific needs fast and efficiently. Finally, the platform is built on sturdy third party technology, with .NET, SQL infra and Azure App hosting services.


In case you already work with your own marketing automation platform, Bisbrick can still add significant value. Most automation platforms do not allow for data management and logic building to the extent that Bisbrick does. We have multiple showcases in which Bisbrick is the layer between data sources and an automation platform. We can connect to almost all platforms with API or O-data layers.


Automation does not just allow for personalised content (based on Persona's, profiles or behaviour). It also allows for funnel attach or detach to assure profiles fit the envisioned customer journey. Bisbrick allows for multiple funnel building and determination of complex conditionality to make sure the right customers end up in the right flow (and brand). It is a significant driver of conversion.

Eco system 

Although Bisbrick can liaise with other systems and sources both on front end or back bone level, it is a full eco system on itself. The key principle of data driven campaigns is to ensure we get the most out of the data we have and bring customers relevant content and added value, through the appropriate media.

Bisbrick is a versatile and powerful platform for business automation. But as a tool, it still needs business managers and marketers to define what you want to use the tool for. Every grand piano needs a grand pianist to get the best out of it.

Bisbrick works with several consultancy and marketing agencies that have profound understanding of data driven processes and how they can help build your business and marketing processes.

If you want to investigate Bisbrick implementation and would like a company to assist you, we can suggest the right partner for you.

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